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Helsinki Association of Business School Graduates and in particular members who work in finance or ICT (Helsingin ekonomit, IT- ja finanssiekonomit) visited Altus Investor on the 1st of March, 2006. The evening event was organized in order to demonstrate the recent development of online investment tools and to speak about visions regarding the industry's future. We also asked these professionals to fill out a form concerning their preferences in online investment tracking.

The results of our inquiry were interesting: 76 % of the respondents were actively monitoring their investments through the internet. The quality of investment tracking tools seemed to have a significant effect on the decision between different mutual fund providers: 5 % of the answers stated that the quality affects "very much" to the decision between different mutual fund companies. 14 % considered the quality to affect "much", 43 % "some effect" and 23 % "not so much". The quality did not matter to only 5 % while 10 % could not measure the effect.

Some features in share and mutual fund tracking tools were considered particularly important. These were data updating without site refresh (average 4.5 on a scale from 0 to 5), rapid functioning (4.3), ease of use (4.2), comparison between shares or funds (4.0) and interactive zoom-tools (3.79).