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Live Reporting System

Based on world-class innovations and the latest technology, LRS provides a number of advantages over its competitors, including:

Always Up-to-date Financial Content

Publishing financial documents with conservative desktop applications has one significant flaw: the documents are outdated as soon as they are published. Yet, financial information changes daily. Altus Investor Live Reporting System solves this problem. LRS keeps fund fact sheets and other financial documents always fresh by updating them whenever new information is available. Until now, investors had to look for another source in order to know what happened to their investments after the PDF document was published.

Complete Automation of the Reporting Process

Altus Investor LRS is a completely automated reporting platform and is able to assemble different data flows and existing PDF documents into a single, automatically updating PDF document. Text content can be typed directly online in a professional Reader resembling user interface or imported automatically from other sources, such as desktop applications or HTML sources (e.g. intranets). Content can be automatically imported from any existing system with XML integration.

Drag & Drop

If you want to change the templates of the automatically generated documents, all you need to do is to open the Livedoc Writer and drag new content modules into places where you want them to appear. The content modules are smart and know where to 'snap' so that the integral layout of the document is preserved. Let's say for example that you want a certain pie chart to appear instead of a bar chart in all your company fund fact sheets. Simply drag a new Altus Investor pre-designed content object on top of the bar chart. When you are satisfied with the result, publish the draft with a click. All the fund fact sheets on your website are now viewable and downloadable with the new pie chart, the design preserved and with automatically updating content.

High Precision Rendering

PDF documents that are produced with substandard reporting systems are often lacking in print quality. They may look quite nice on a computer screen, but once they are printed, JPG logos and charts that look everything but smooth are clearly visible. Altus Investor Live Reporting System supports CMYK colours and high precision vector drawing. Thus, the technical quality of documents produced by LRS equals to the output of industry leading desktop layout programs.

Professional Design

Altus Investor pre-designed content modules look good to every detail. No matter which live content modules you use to assemble your document, the end result looks professional. The colours are preset to fit your graphical identity. Furthermore, every content module can be customized to exactly match the individual needs of your company. The document layout has no limitations. We make sure your visual identity is respected.

The Upcoming Standard

We believe that the asset management industry will move to solutions like Live Reporting System during the next years. The reason is obvious: previous technologies had no better elements. Fresh information is, after all, the most fundamental requirement for most investors. Companies with outdated, poor-looking documents are left behind. Quality simply does matters.

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